Who is Kieran Kilbride-Singh?

I’m sorry,” the fortune teller said as he tuned to my mother, “your son is going to travel a lot in his lifetime.
— Tunisia, 2006

I have always been curious about the world around us. Everything in it fascinates me. But other countries, cultures, and traditions have long held a special sway over my psyche.

I was born and raised in inner-city Birmingham in England. My mother is second generation Irish and my father is second generation Indian. They met in the melting pot that is urban Birmingham. That makes me a third generation half Irish, half Indian twentysomething dude.

For someone whose grandparents left their home countries of Ireland and India, never to return, I've often wondered how much thoughts of these 'homelands' have impacted upon my desire to travel.

Studying English at university, I learned about travel writing as a form of exploring our inner selves, other societies, and our relationship with the environment all around us. This cemented my desire to travel.

The trick, then, was to find a way to fund long-term travel. Working long periods in service jobs and saving up meagre earnings to travel for six months has never appealed to me. It's a perfectly feasible way to travel, it's just not one for me.

And as much as I enjoy travel I'm also fascinated by the world of technology and have long wanted to be a part of that. Until fairly recently travelling long-term and being part of an industry were mutually exclusive goals. But technology is now advanced enough to enable seamless remote working and tech employers are wise enough to know that the ability to do one's job is not tied to a single location.

I fund my travels while working remotely, full-time, for a software studio based in Birmingham. I get the best of both worlds: funding for long-term travel and an interesting professional life. Getting here was a mixture of knowing what I wanted, developling skills that are in demand, pouncing on opportunities, and being lucky.

I hope to capture the essence of this life through the stories I tell on Exploration & Escape.